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fightnews.comNakash Batters Brunelli!

By: Rick Scharmberg and Kurt Wolfheimer at ringside
Photography by Jeff Julian

Israeli soldier Ran Nakash (18-0, 14 KOs) was able to get inside the20long reach of local favorite Dave Brunelli (8-5, 3 KOs) and open up a cut over the right eye of Brunelli that was deep enough for the ringside physician to call a halt to the fight.

The scheduled eight round cruiserweight main event was stopped at 1:18 of round seven last night at the jam-packed Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, PA. Nakash took the early rounds, but Brunelli was in the midst of a comeback when the bout was stopped.

The show was promoted by Vernoca Michael and Blue Horizon Boxing Promotions.
It was a grudge match of sorts, as the main event was hyped as Israel versus Italy, right down to the singing of the respective national anthems, and with the fighters getting introduced in their native tongue.

The opening round was tense, as the fighters sized each other up. Brunelli, long and lean, held a significant height advantage. His job was to keep the shorter tank of a man, Nakash, on the end of his jab, while his opponent wanted to get inside where he could work his faster, heavier hands. The man who
could accomplish his goal would win the fight.

Nakash drew first blood in round two, landing a left hook to Brunelli’s nose, which would bleed, profusely at times, for the remainder of the fight. Urged on by his corner, Brunelli jabbed at Nakash, but Ran kept up with him with a jab of his own.

A big left hook opened a cut under Brunelli’s right eye in round three, and a series of right hands in the fourth from Nakash drew an inspection of Brunelli by the doctor, Paul Steinberg, after the round.
Both fighters went to the body in the fifth. It was a better round for Brunelli, but Nakash still had the upper hand with his snapping left hook and clubbing straight right hand.

Brunelli would finally strike pay dirt early in round six when he came out firing with a hard left-right combination that rocked Nakash for the first time in the fight. Some nice body shots from Brunelli, followed by two right uppercuts had Nakash backing up, and a pair of right hands opened a nick on the bridge of Nakash’s nose. It was a good comeback round for Brunelli.

Brunelli went back to the body in round seven, but a right-left combo from Nakash re-opened the cut on Brunelli’s right eye. Referee Gary Rosato called the doctor over, who, in spite of a strong protest from Brunelli and his team, called the fight off at the 1:18 mark of round seven.

“He is a very strong fighter. He took some good shots, and he caught me with some good shots,” said Nakash, who remains unbeaten at 18-0, with 14 by knockout. – Rick Scharmberg

Edmonds Defeats Robinson!

fightnews.comThe co-feature of the evening was a cross roads battle between to Philadelphia welterweights looking to turn their careers in the20right direction as Julius “Marvel” Edmonds and Tyric “Too Sweet” Robinson squared off in a six round clash.

Edmonds entered the fight on a two fight win streak, which was preceded by two consecutive losses and looked to bring his record to (5-3). Robinson entered the ring at a much more respectable record of (9-3-1, 3 KOs) but had lost his fight badly against Jason Cintron in October in this very same arena. He now appeared ready and eager to get back on the winning side of the ledger.

The shorter Edmonds immediately went to work on the inside and forced the taller Robinson back into the ropes with several combinations to the body and head in the opening two rounds. Robinson tried to keep his distance with right jabs, but Edmonds pushed him to the ropes and connected with a short right upper cut.

Robinson found himself more and more fighting with his back to the ropes as the rounds progressed. With his corner screaming at him to get off the ropes throughout round four, Robinson connected with a couple of right hand counters. Blood streamed from the mouth of Robinson as round four ended from a couple short uppercuts.

Robinson tried to turn the tide with a couple of combinations in round five. Edmonds just would not be denied as he kept landing several hard shots to the body with his head buried on Robinson chest in the final two rounds to capture the unanimous decision victory.

All three judges saw it Julius Edmonds by scores of 60-54 twice and 58-56. -- Kurt Wolfheimer


Fernandez Bombs Francisco!

Paul Fernandez (4-2-1, 3 KOs) scored an impressive fourth round TKO over Joseph Francisco (1-2, 1 KO) in a four round junior lightweight bout.

Francisco took the opening round with combinations and movement, while Fernandez laid back and studied him as he circled around the ring.

Fernandez shortened up his punches and found his range in the second. He was able to catch Francisco on the ropes with some short right hands.

Fernandez sent Francisco to his knees with a flurry of shots near the end of round three, and put Francisco down again late in round four with a massive straight right hand.

Francisco pulled himself up, but after two more flush rights from Fernandez, referee Gary Rosato stopped it at 2:57 of the final round. – Rick Scharmberg


Mathews Decisions Gill!

It was a big step up in class for undefeated cruiserweight Julio Cesar Mathews (7-0, 5 KOs) as he took on thirty-one fight veteran Will “The Thrill” Gill. Matthews passed the test with flying colors as he captured a six round unanimous decision victory.

Mathews of Reading, PA was clearly the bigger puncher as he chose his spots in rounds one and two with quick straight l efts up top from his southpaw stance.

Gill, (9-22, 7 KOs) fighting out of Toms River, New Jersey has fought some of the best fighters in the world including Jaidon Codrington, Carlos De Leon, Jr. and LaJuan Simon. This veteran experience showed as he began to find his range in round three while on the inside.

Mathews continued to lead with sharp jabs and occasional left hands that landed flush on his opponent as he captured round four.

Gill actually backed up Mathews in round five with a series of big right hands, but appeared to get a little gassed which forced him to retreat.

Late in the round Mathews stunned Gill with a big straight left on the button, but Gill was resilient and kept on the attack.

Gill had his best moment of the fight in round six as he stunned Mathews with a big right hand. Gill jumped on him and both began a vicious exchange of punches. Mathews recovered and was able to box his way out of trouble until the final bell had sounded.

All three judges scored the bout in favor of Julio Cesar Mathews by scores of 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56 respectively.

“My game plan was to win the opening and closing portions of each round,” said Mathews afterward. “He was strong though and continued to come after me though. He was one tough cat. -- Kurt Wolfheimer

Cruz Decisions Hill!

Ronald Cruz (3-0, 2 KOs) took a four round unanimous decision over Shannon Hill (1-1, 1 KO) in a junior welterweight match.

Cruz started out by countering Hill’s rushes with left hands, but suffered a cut on the top of his head after a clash of heads late in round one.

Hill started using his jab in round two, as Cruz banged to the body and scored with a big left hook to the head to take the round.

Cruz opened round three with a countering left hook. He took command of the fight in this round with another big left hook and a series of right hands that Hill had no answer for. A big right hand wobbled Hill momentarily, but Hill was able to fire back and score with a pair of rights of his own near the end of the round.

Cruz continued his roll in the fourth round, battering Hill around the ring with a variety of shots until the final bell.

The scores were 40-36 (twice) and 39-37, all for Hill. – Rick Scharmberg

Collado Decisions Rorie!

Undefeated featherweight prospect Joselito Collado (7-0, 2 KOs) continued his rise through the featherweight division with a hard fought and convincing six round unanimous decision victory of Winston Salem, North Carolina’s, Jason Rorie (2-3-2, 1 KO).

Collado of Queens, New York set the pace early with quick combinations and movement that allowed hi m to get in and out throughout the first three rounds.

Rorie pursued throughout the early rounds and landed some unorthodox combinations to make the rounds close.

Just at the end of the third, Collado switched into the southpaw stance, then spun Rorie around and landed a right hook that captured the round.

The sharp jabs of Collado kept Rorie from landing only a few shots in round five. The fight changed in round six as Collado forced Rorie to the ropes and both went toe to toe with a thirty second wild, non-stop flurry. Late in the exchange, a Rorie right hand sent Collado’s mouthpiece out, but it was put in after the round had ended.

Collado regained control with two big left hands to start in rounds six and then continued to patter the advancing Rorie with various combinations while on the retreat until the bell signaled the end to the fight.

All three judges scored the bout 59-55 in favor of Joselito Collado. -- Kurt Wolfheimer

Goyco outslugs Davitashvili

In the opening bout of the night, Taneal Goyco (2-0, 1 KO) took a four round unanimous decision over Davit Davitashvili (0-2) in a cruiserweight bout that took on the dimensions of a good old-fashioned bar room brawl.

Goyco started strong, side-stepping the bull-like rushes of Davitashvili, and landed a mixture of rights and lefts. He was doing well for the first half of the round, but Davitashvili dominated the rest of the round after rocking Goyco with an overhand right and three straight lefts.

Goyco pulled himself back together in round two. He worked Davitashvili’s body and landed some hard shots, including a nice uppercut that stopped Davitashvili in his tracks as he bored his way in.

Goyco’s success continued in round three after he landed a big right to the body, followed by a hard left hook to the head. He staggered Davitashvili with a body shot that strayed low, followed by a right uppercut to the chin. Davitashvili came back with two hard straight left hands, but he sustained a cut on his right eye, possibly from a clash of heads.

Incensed, Davitashvili deliberately butted Goyco, and was immediately docked a point from no-nonsense referee Gary Rosato. Davitashvili came back to dominate the final minute of round three, landing a big right hand, and clubbing left hook to counter a Goyco right to the body.

Goyco landed two jabs followed by three left hooks that opened another cut, this time under Davitashvili’s right eye. Davitashvili came back strong, however by landing a left-right-left combination followed by another big left. Goyco fired back with a right uppercut-left hook combination of his own. Davitashvili then bulled Goyco to the ropes and worked him over in the final minute of the fight. Goyco countered with a nice left-right at the fina l bell.

All three judges scored the fight 39-36 for Taneal Goyco. – Rick Scharmberg


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